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Company Profile

Cleveland Systems Engineering was formed in 1995 as a control systems integrator specialising in control systems and software for the manufacturing and process industries. Benefiting from a wealth of technical expertise that has been developed over many years we are able to undertake a variety of projects and services. Cleveland Systems are an approved SIEMENS Solution Partner with specific expertise in PLC´s, HMI´s, Drives, Networking Functional Safety, Machine Vision and RFID, we are also recognised as an Accredited PROFIBUS Company, we are Certified PROFIBUS Engineers and Installers and also Certified AS-i Engineers. We are well qualified to help you to meet your specific engineering needs - we understand the pressures and the stringent requirements of ensuring all projects have the minimum impact  on production operations.

We have the experience and resources to specify, design and implement systems ranging from upgrading standalone PLC´s through to the delivery of complete new turnkey projects incorporating electrical design, control panel build, electrical installation, networked PLC’s, distributed I/O systems, HMI touch screens, RFID systems, motion control, vision systems, commissioning and final handover to customer. Our software is tested on simulation packages prior to installation and we take great pride in ensuring that our software, irrespective of project size is designed not only to fulfill all the desired functional requirements, but also to be extremely maintainable. By this we mean that software should be kept as simple as possible, be modular, and be fully documented to facilitate program maintenance by engineers other than the original designer. When designing software for any application we fully understand that the basis for producing software that is “Right first time” is in careful attention to detail at the initial specification stage. This will ultimately lead to our customer getting the system they require, on time, and with the minimum amount of time spent on site at the costly commissioning and production stages.

With the responsive and friendly attitude of a small company, backed up by a thorough knowledge of the industries we serve, Cleveland Systems has gained a level of experience that you would expect from a far larger organisation. Our flexible approach to every project enables us to provide a comprehensive engineering service tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers, whether it is working around operational production facilities or to ensure that projects are completed on time, every time. This approach is intrinsic to our method of working regardless of the nature and size of projects.

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